Advanced Blended Curriculums

Have you ever attended a professional development training then returned to work wondering how you might use any of it? Ever caught yourself searching for the exact right moments or circumstance you could attempt to apply a new approach only to find that "right moments" seldom exist? When wanting to learn the critical non-technical skills such as becoming an excellent communicator, managing and resolving conflict, negotiating for results and demonstrating profesional leadership (among many others) it is common for key employees and management personnel to rely on training and hope that it sticks. The reality, of course, is that it often doesn't. Most professional development training is, by it's nature, heavily theoretical. The "how-to" methodologies and strategies for improvement are only as effective as the rigor, commitment and adaptability of the individual person using them, and though anyone can leave a training highly motivated as well as informed, that initial motivation can and usually does fade. Human beings are primarily creatures of unconscious habit, so to expect any significant or permanent change in behaviors and actions after just a few days (or less) of training is woefully unrealistic and in many cases, ultimately, a waste of time and money. In other words, there is often a significant gap between the theory of training and it's real world practical application that manifests in results. The solution to bridge this gap is simple though not necessarily easy… rigorous, accountable, conscientious practice with the guidance of a professional coach.

This idea is critical to the ethical philosophy of 4D Associates and is the foundation of our primary client service, entitled Advanced Blended Curriculums in which we blend focused content-rich, experiential-based training programs along with transformative coaching initiatives. The creation of such a curriculum is completely based on the specific and unique needs of the client and is determined though an extensive needs analysis process. The result is that your teams will actually follow through on the potential they imagine is posible in training positively altering their short-term and long-term realities and therefore, enhance your organization's bottom-line.

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