Transformative Coaching

The Transformative Coaching offered by 4D Associates is based on three important human development tenets. First, clarify the vision, purpose and goals most important to the individual and compare this in relation to the larger context… the individual's profession and their company's mission, their affiliations, family structure, societal position and so forth. Second, uncover and facilitate a deep understanding of the various obstacles challenging the full realization of the most important goals. Third, deliver a systematic protocol based on proven models of transformational growth and development as a basis for incremental change and for producing sustainable results. This process requires the client's commitment to a synchronistic approach of...

We conduct client coaching sessions either in a variety of formats based on the specific needs and logical requirements of our clients. Most coaching curriculums occur through regularly scheduled intervals (weekly or monthly) and for a length of time that allows for the maximum growth potential based on the unique make-up of each individual person or group.