Mission and Purpose

The mission and purpose of 4D Associates International is to design and deliver dynamic training, coaching and development processes (4D Curriculums) that transform the health, productivity and overall quality of all personal and professional relationships. We are committed to serving companies and organizations throughout the public and private sectors of all industries. Our primary goal is to profoundly and immediately impact our clients' performance and success based on results. Our ultimate goal is to inspire our clients to measurably enhance their societal contribution and global innovation. We accomplish this, in part, by forging relationships with our clients that are challenging and inspiring, while producing results that are measurable, relevant and sustainable.

The design and delivery of all 4D Curriculums are grounded by core principles, distinctions, and ethical standards that create an important context for discovery and practice. Our creative system of high impact experiential-based trainings with precisely guided individual coaching is a unique approach that enables our associates to build a foundation of respect and trust and create deeply valued professional relationships with our clients. This emphasis on relationship development has a noticeable impact towards our clients' capacity to use key distinctions, skills, and methodologies explored and practiced in every 4D Curriculum we offer.